GO LED: A revolutionary backpack with an integrated LED indicator for safer cycling

PORT Designs has invented the GO LED backpack. This innovative product is designed to give everyone on the move – from cyclists and skaters to joggers and walkers – an effective, simple and useful way to stay safe and be seen.

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  1. Integrated LED indicator light
  2. Intuitive wireless remote control
  3. Rechargeable VIA USB port
  4. 40 hour battery life
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Why we invented the GO LED Bag

Over 3000 cyclists are killed or seriously injured in the UK every year. As cycling becomes increasingly popular, this figure is growing – especially in busy urban areas where the biggest problem is visibility; all too often, riders just aren't being seen by drivers. With nearly two thirds of accidents happening at junctions, it's clear that letting other road users know where you're heading is also vital to staying safe.

GO LED is a high-specification backpack with an integrated LED panel, located in the front pocket, which allows the wearer to display 4 highly-visible direction and warning signs that can be seen day or night: green left, forward and right arrows and a red exclamation mark as a warning sign. In addition to the LED panel, the bag is also covered in light reflective bands providing 360° enhanced visibility.

The wearer controls the LED panel by using an intuitive remote control unit. This can be fixed to a handle bar with a universal mount, or kept in the easily accessed shoulder strap pocket when on foot. To keep wearers on the move, the LED panel only takes 4 hours to fully charge using a USB cable, and provides 40 hours of use between charges.


As well as keeping wearers safe, the GO LED backpack has all the features you’d expect from a modern travel bag. Weighing in at only 1 kilo, the backpack has a generous 35-litre capacity with extremely well padded laptop and tablet compartments designed to keep fragile devices safe. Padded shoulders and back make it comfortable to wear and the Air Flow system keeps the wearer cool. There’s a range of useful pockets including a music pocket with an eyelet for a phone or music player lead to go through. The backpack has a band to hold a helmet and a translucent rain cover that protects the backpack and its contents in case of heavy rain, while still letting the LED light flash through.

GO LED will be available from June 2015 in Europe

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